Starskee Suavé is a Los Angeles area Disc Jockey who specializes in the 1970s. In fact, he thinks music from 1986 is “new.” Starskee believes that the 1970s began in about 1967 and ended around 1983-84. Go figure.

He has over 28 years of experience spinning vinyl Funk, Disco, Soul, and R ‘n’ B for FM radio, clubs, public events, and private parties. In addition to mobile DJ duties, he offers his services for hire in the areas of Dance Facilitation (often considered inseparable from DJ-ing), Master of Ceremonies, Public Relations, Upholstering, Editing (text and sound), and Fashion Consultation. In his spare time, he is a legend.

Surely one or more of the above would come in handy at some point in your operation, project, and/or merriment event, no?
Official Starskee Suavé image by
Kwesi Kennedy
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